Oolong is known as the Black Green Tea of the world. There are various varieties of Oolong, and they differ from country to country.

Each Oolong is made with the process to create a tea that has the flavors of both Green Tea and Black Tea. And this is done following its peculiar processing method of stopping the oxidation midway during the manufacturing.

The essential of Oolong Tea are:

1. It should be large leaf tea,

2. It should be orangish/ reddish in color, 

3. It should be smooth to drink with a good body, but without the astringency of Black Tea or harshness of Green Tea.

Oolong comes from most of the Tea producing countries in the world, and India makes 2 varieties of Oolong.

We make the Large Leaf Formosa Oolong ( as this kind of Oolong was invented in Formosa, now Taiwan.

We offer plain Oolong and have a variety of naturally flavored Oolong with Herbs, flowers and spices.


 Original Oolong , Humming Homeward , Sunset Boulevard , Blush