We are Manjhee Valley are proud to introduce to you fine quality leaf tea. Black Orthodox and Green Tea with a few handmade hand rolled teas too.

The estate is spread over 250 acres across the Kangra Valley, a district in Himachal Pradesh. Lying in the valley of the Mighty Dhauladhar range. Made up of pure china breed bushes and china hybrid bushes. Manjhee Valley makes around 100,000 ( 1 lakh kilos) of tea per annum.

We produce Leaf Orthodox teas, known in the retail market as "Orange pekeo". And Pan roasted Green Tea. Other teas that we have in our portfolio are, Oolong ( Farmosa style), Pinewood Smoked Tea ( like lapsong souchong), Smokey Oolong, Handmade flowery Green ( Large leaf Green tea), pearl green tea, Handmade Needle Tea and small batches of Black Dragon, Silver Needle.

Over the last 15 years of Manjhee Valley's return into production. One of the most unique feature we have noticed is the 'keeping quality' of our teas. Tea as we know has a shelf life of 18 months, while some areas have a shorter shelf life. But Kangra Tea, due to its bio dynamic soil and weather pattern, has a shelf life of 36 months. And we as well as our buyers are surprised to note that teas are still fine to sip even after 60 months ( 5 years form the date of production).

Manjhee Valley is made up of our estate and the people who work in the garden as well as the factory. We employ more that 130 staff in total and are happy to work towards up-liftment of smaller estates in the Kangra region. We have actively worked towards increasing the total production in the Kangra Tea growing region by providing free consultancy towards smaller farmers and also providing them a point of sale for their production.


Exporting teas to various international markets like Germany, France, Japan, Poland, England and South East Asia. Manjhee Valley has made a name for itself and is sought after in these market. With air shipped First Flush SFTGFOP1, today Manjhee Valley Fine teas are pre booked year on year.

Do have a look at our product website where the different varieties of teas we make are detailed.


Story of the name "Manjhee"

Legend has it that a 'gaddi', a shepherd as they are known in Himalayan mountains, fondly called Manjhee was known to be ever helpful to people who needed to cross a raging river. It was along this river that the tea estate and factory was established. Manjhee was such an integral part of the river, that eventually the river was named after him. The tea factory and the estate provided employment and support to the local populace and was aptly christened Manjhee Valley, which has now witnessed more than 90 years of history and folklore.