Our Teas

We at Manjhee Valley had the blessing to receive the finest tea bushes planted by the Scottish and British planters more than a 160 years back, around 1850's. And it is this breed of tea plants that flourish in our estate of 250 acres.

We create teas that range from handmade sun dried teas to world renowned Kangra black and green tea. The teas are available in various grades ( Leaf, broken and fanning).

The below tea list starts from the least processing to normal processed tea.

We present to you :

Handmade Flowery Green Tea ~ A delicate leaf plucked and then dried in shade to preserve the delicate beautiful floral flavor. Spring leaf at its best.
Handmade Flowery Green Tea
 Needle Tea ~ A delicate Single leaf tea, from the first growth of the season, hand rolled painstakingly, which allows it to develop a sweet woody flavor. Sun dried to let the tanin mature. 
First Flush SFTGFOP1 ~ The champagne of teas. Delicate, light and bright. A beautiful floral aroma with a delicate woody taste. 
Oolong Tea ( Formosa Style) ~ Oolong is known as the tea which lies in between Black and Green Tea as it is oxidation is frozen mid way. Full leaf, malty and deep red. 
Pinewood Smoked ~ When black tea is smoked for 20 hours with pinewood smoked, the result is astonishing sweet pine with an over lay of smoke.
Green Tea ~ We follow the pan fried method where the oxidation is not allowed to happen by rolling and roasting at the same time. This does leave the leaf a bit darker green, but it results in a delicate sweet green tea. Not harsh or bitter like the teas made by steamed method.