Humming Homeward ~ Oolong
Humming Homeward ~ Oolong

Humming Homeward ~ Oolong

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Anandini Himalaya Tea creates:

Joie de Vivre in each sip of hand made Tea Infused with spices and flowers. This is a rich intense blend of fragrant orange, intense spices and ambered Oolong with a warm aroma, sweet after taste and comforting flavor.


Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Hibiscus Flower, Rose petals and spices

Tea Time: After Lunch, After Dinner - Excellent Tea to fight of Excess Heat

Method of Infusion:

To absorb the essence of Anandini Himalaya Tea, infuse a heaped teaspoon of the blend for 5 minutes in 200 ml of water, heated at 95 degree C. Strain and sip delight


  • Tea – High on anti oxidant properties and polyphenol; Lowers cholesterol & stimulates immune system.

Hibiscus Flowers:

  • Helps maintain body temperature
  • Encourages fluid balance by removing fluid retention
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Helps upper respiratory health (relieves pain and swelling)
  • Has a calming effect and helps relieve insomnia
  • Helps maintain LDL and HDL cholesterol level as well as triglycerides.

Rose Petals-

  • Soothes the nerves
  • Cleansing of the gall bladder and liver _ helps Bile secretion
  • Allevieating mild sore throat and bronchial infestion
  • Antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
  • Menstrual regulator
  • Works against liver problems


  • Solves Stomach problem like motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, upset stomach, diarrhoea
  • Helps Relief pain against muscle soreness as well as Arthritis
  • Detoxify, as it helps the body eliminate toxins through the kidney
  • Diuretic - An excellent detoxifier as it helps clean out urinary tract, bladder and kidney
  • Lowers blood pressure and prevents blood clots
  • Acts as a pathogen as it disallows growth of viruses, bacteria, fungus and mold
Humming Homeward ~ Oolong
Humming Homeward ~ Oolong
Humming Homeward ~ Oolong