Tea Chronicles: How long can Tea be stored?


Tea as such does not get spoilt. It loses flavor. If stored well [please refer to anandinihimalayatea.com/blogs/tea-whisperer/tea-chronicles-how-do-i-store-tea ] they could last for couple of years if not more. I remember tasting the first flush teas from Manjhee Valley Tea Estate along with the founder of Palais de The, Mr.Delmas, the 2008 First flush tea couple of years ago. It came as a very pleasant surprise to both how the tea had matured in taste and aroma. This depend
s on the impeccable manufacturing method and after the tea has been sorted, how well it is stored. 

If Tea is stored well in our homes, they often last 18 months. However tea is hygroscopic and absorbs smell, moisture, sunlight which in time, reduces the quality of the tea that one has bought. 

Smaller leaves such as broken and fanning absorb moisture as more leaf is in contact with the air in comparison to the tightly hand rolled larger leaf tea such as Needle Tea, Oolong, Pearl Tea. 

Please keep in mind, the further the tea is from the date of manufacturing the more they lose their taste, flavor, aroma. 

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