Tea Chronicles: What is Hand Rolled Tea

The tea leaves when plucked, often by hand and at times by machine, are taken to the factory where the manufacturing process begins. This would begin with the process of withering followed by fermentation which then leads to the leaves being put into the dryer and then sorted to different grades. 

As far as hand rolled tea is concerned, the leaves that are plucked are taken to the factory but there is none of the above processes that take place. The leaves are spread into a thin layer to allow it to wither (to reduce the moisture content in the fresh leaf). Each leaf & a bud or two leaf and a bud is then rolled by women, gently in the palms of their hand to create Teas such a Pearls, Needle Tea.

Painstakingly with utmost care and precision the leaves are rolled to create the luxury teas which are sold for high prices in the market. There is much demand for these teas by bigger tea buyers such as Mariage Freres, Palais des The, Adagio. 

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