Zencha: Space .. a necessity for tea & self.

Imagine a room with doors and windows shut, and more than few people in it where there is barely any place to stand, let alone breathe and the room is small and it is hot and humid! I know that surely wasn't a picturesque sight! Well now imagine a Tea pot that is sleek, thin, tall and as beautiful as it might seem to look, it doesn't have the capacity to hold in much of the water. If you add spoonfuls of tea leaves to infuse, in this sleek, slender pot, believe me, if the leaves could speak, they would scream on top of their lungs 'we are feeling claustrophobic!'

Just as we need space to breathe, so do the Tea leaves. Just as we are happy when we can stretch out our arms and take a walk, the same goes for the tea leaves. They need room to breathe, unfurl, infuse, swim, dance in the pot as water is poured over them. Leave them in silence for few minutes. Hear those happy whispers, a twist here and a nudge there. You gave them space and you let harmony seep in to bring out their essence. Use the right kind of pot to infuse tea leaves, that which has a round base and is wide at the bottom. Believe me the flavor and aroma released will eventually translate into you sipping delight :)

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