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Gunpowder is a classic handmade Green Tea. The buds of tea that have been delicately rolled are termed as Gunpowder. They have a fragrant note & are subtle to the palate with a smooth mouthful. A cup of Gunpowder brings in a sense of ease with whiffs of the mountains on a cold winter evening.

Tea Time: Throughout the Day

Method of Infusion

To absorb the essence of Anandini Himalaya Tea, infuse a teaspoon of Classic Green in water that has been heated to 95 degrees C or till the water reaches its first  Cover for 4 minutes. Strain & sip delight.

Note: Green tea & black tea are from the same plant as (Camellia sinensis.) as all other teas. Green tea goes through the least bit of processing and is not fermented. It does not go through any oxidation. They are plucked, steamed or pan fried and sorted.


Health Benefits: Calming & Destressing