Zencha: How do i know which is the best Tea to sip?

That is a tough one my friend. To sip tea is not just adding a liquid to your body. It is a connect between the heart, body and mind. It isn't rocket science but a simple moment of silence where you realize what is it exactly that you are looking for. Your mood or the weather or health or sheer pleasure will define the choice.

If winters envelope you, the choice could be tea that is robust, dark or has a pinch of cinnamon or clove. Spring would bring in flowers infused in tea while in the summer time opt for mint and aniseed with coolants such as hibiscus. As for the mood, well when i want peace to walk hand in hand with me irrespective of the place, i make a big mug of green tea infused with himalayan tulsi or when i want to write, i know soothing autumn tea infused with sweet rose petals and warm lemon balm gets the thoughts flowing. But then to each his own. What the heart yearns for, sip. Everyday the body demands to be looked after with love, i listen to it and my hand reaches out for my infusion of detox which has green tea infused with spices that does wonders to the body. 

But whichever tea that you choose to welcome into your body, please make it a point to read the label, check the source and remember to avoid the artificial, preservatives.


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