Tea Chronicles: You never boil water for Tea! You always heat the water!



So you never boil water for tea except if you happen to be making a cup of chai.

Surprised, aren't you? Now the million dollar question is how do you heat the water and even if you do, how do you get to know if you have reached the correct temperature. One thing many will nod their head to, is that, they wouldn't have the time to dip a thermometer into water. No one has the time to sit and hear the water simmering, let alone, watch it. The temperature control kettles are ideal but some don't have it. So how can i tell how hot my water is without a thermometer? 

The possibility of knowing might not be perfect but you would be pretty close. 

"Shrimp Eyes" Tiny bubbles, the size of a pinhead that rise to the surface and pop, under wisps and gentle vapor of steam. Water is between 155-174F  68.33-78.88C

"Crab Eyes" Larger, glowing bubbles the size of crab eyes. Vertical wisps of steam rise above your pot or kettle when the water is between 175F/80F and 179F/82C

"Fish eyes" Kettle begins to make louder noises, large bubbles form on the bottom of the pot when your water is around 180-185F 83-85C

"String of Pearls" Continuous tiny strands of bubbles make their way to the surface of the water indicating temperatures between 195F and 205F, just below a boil.90-96C

"Raging Torrent" Rolling, boiling water according to the Chinese. 212F. The water convulses like a fire. This is also known as "dead water" and "old man water." 100C

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