Tea Chronicles: Understand it is Tea & not Potpourri!

My dear friends, countrymen, tea lovers, tea enthusiasts, remember when the thought knocks on your door to entice you into making yourself a cup of tea or entering a tea salon or a tea bar to have a cup of the two leaf and a bud, do remind yourself whether you would like to have the cup of tea to soothe the mind, to awaken yourself, to dream and drift or merely to write, read or hold close as a companion. If the thought lingers that the cup should heal the body and soothe the soul, then do understand one thing - if the tea smells of pot pourri it is indeed not natural. There is essential oil or artificial oil that has been added to it. But then you are wise. It is advisable not only to smell and buy but to smell and wonder. Read the label, think and understand. You, as a customer have the right to know what maketh that cup of tea that you are about to sip. And mind you, you do not sip it only once a day. You would probably sip it more than you would have your meals in a day! Hence!

Exert that right! 


* Try to look for the real flower or herb or spice or fruit that is mentioned on the label. 

* If when you smell the tea, and the aroma hits the head, in simple words, it isn't subtle, you know there is an oil added to it or an artificial essence. If it is oil, it is fine but if it is the latter, well you would not want that being consumed.

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