Tea Chronicles: Do you pluck Tea leaves from the entire bush?

I have often been asked this question, "do the ladies pluck the tea leaves from the entire bush." Just so that you know, men are skilled pluckers as well. 

The leaf that is plucked is normally the tender two leaf and a bud. Here the bud does not signify that of a flower. It is the unopened leaf. At times three leaves and a bud is plucked. The bigger the leaf, the coarser it gets and eventually the tea made from coarse leaves or four leaf and a bud or five isn't fine tea or delicate or has the taste that a tea lover looks for in a cup of Tea that he opts for be it a first flush tea. https://anandinihimalayatea.com/blogs/tea-whisperer/what-is-first-flush-tea or second flush https://anandinihimalayatea.com/blogs/tea-whisperer/tea-chronicles-what-is-second-flush-tea 


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