Tea Appreciation Workshop

Know the difference & learn to discern!

To maximize interaction and provide a more comfortable environment we have restricted the reservations to 12 at a time.

 If sipping a cup of Tea has left you wondering would the bush of Green Tea be different from Black Tea, does Orange Pekoe have orange blossoms in it, are Green Teas generally bitter, should the temperature of the water for infusing various Teas be different. Or silence follows as soon as you come to know that Bihar too cultivates Tea. Or if you walked into a Tea store, and you didn’t know what to choose but wondered how you could become a smart Tea buyer or ever wondered is there a certain method to serving Tea? You will be answered and answered well.

 In the workshop, attention is given to the kinds of Teas, the relevance of water, the method of infusion, the correct method of storage and the ability to infuse the perfect cup while giving history, source, location, terroir & manufacturing its importance. It all ends with a sweet note ~ A chocolate & Tea pairing. Be ready to entice and amuse your palate. And wait for magic to happen.

 Happy Sipping! 

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