Recipe: Breakfast Matcha Mango Smoothie



To begin the day with a spark, the one thing that i feel helps tremendously is a good breakfast! If one can have this one smoothie, it brings in the antioxidants, the protein, the carbohydrates and the the minerals! 

The recipe is simple and with Mango being in season, all you need is to have in your cupboard good Matcha from a reliable source and you are ready to seize the day! 

Ingredients: (makes 1 tall glass (250 ml)

Matcha Tea - 1 teaspoon
Mulberry - 25gms
Mango - 1/2 
Banana - 1
Yogurt - 4 tablespoon


Method of Preparation:

Chop all the fruits finely and blend. To the blend, add the yogurt along with few cubes of ice and the Matcha tea. Whisk for couple of minutes. Pause. Whisk for couple of minutes again. Add into a tall glass. Add few cubed mango pieces on top and serve chilled. 



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