Zencha: Learn to Discern

If what you eat makes a difference and you pay attention to it, then shouldn't you pay attention to what you sip!

Know what you want, know what makes you happy, filter out that which clutters, rule out that which clenches, hold close who love, stay humble every second, at times live in silence, let solitude walk in once in a while .. you create your result by the choice you make Now. At this phase of my life when Flavors have taken a forefront, where I have chosen to see the silver lining in that patch of grey, where when I look back, I know I have made mistakes quite a few, but I also know, every single time that that has happened, i have learnt .. i am learning to discern that which isn't required and for me it begins with that one sip .. where i know when i sip, I ask myself 'does it bring joy, do I feel healthy, do i feel the warmth, does my heart smile, do i remember with fondness who i miss, does life say 'hello' to me. And my darling if it does .. i know i have chosen wisely.

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