Christmas Tea

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Joie de Vivre in each step with sops of hand made Tea Infused with spices
and flowers. This is a rich intense blend of fragrant orange, intense spices
and black Tea with warm aroma, sweet after taste and comforting flavor.
Reminds one of the festive season and the season to be jolly with friends
and family.


Black Tea, Orange, Spices, Vanilla and Lemon peel


  • Tea – High on antioxidant properties and polyphenol; lowers cholesterol & stimulates immune system.
  • Orange – Improves Good cholesterol and the helps to keep the bones healthy.  It helps in reducing inflammation. It suppresses prostrate proliferation and is know to have anti-cancerous properties. It also boosts weight loss.
  • Spices – Helps relief muscle soreness. Fights against infections and works against stomach related problems.
  • Vanilla – Known to have anti inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties. It contains essential vitamin B. It fights infections. Also an anti depressant working towards relief towards anxiety disorder.
  • Lemon - It contains 22 anticancer compounds. It has naturally occurring oil that slows or halts growth of cancer cells. Being rich in vitamin C, it works against infections and fever. It is a great detoxifier.

Note: Black tea does not necessarily refer only to the CTC tea (crush tear and curl) or in the local language as one calls it 'gol patti' or the tea used to make chai. 

 Autumn tea, summer tea, first flush tea are all various types of black teas that do not require any milk or sugar added to it. They vary in taste and aroma. For your information, the Tea used to make English Breakfast is a blend of Summer Tea.

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