3 Teas Gift Set

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Gift with the best of Anandini Teas. Specially selected from our range of teas to give you an experience of Flavor, Taste and Health.

The Gift set include 3 teas in beautiful bottles laid out in a bed of hay. All Green Teas.

  1. Indian Bouquet ~ Rejuvenation Tea

A perfect ensemble for a health in a cup. Green leaf Tea with clove, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and marigold flowers.

A perfect cup for a late afternoon drink or anytime during the day to boost oneself up. High on Anti oxidants, it is a tea with warm forest undertones and a smooth spicy taste and aroma.

  1. Green Tea, Rhododendron and Himalayan Tulsi ~ Immunity Booster

With all the goodness of the Himalayas. Green Leaf Tea with Rhododendron flowers and Himalayan Tulsi. Both the flower and herb are grown above 7,000 feet bringing in their purity and high content of anti oxidant and ability to resist negatives.

Best Time ~ Morning

Taste ~ Honey sweetness with a Tangy undertone. Bright Yellow in cup.

  1. Green Tea, Rose Petals and Mint ~ Calming Tea

An excellent cup to calm oneself and relax. The sweet smell of Rose petals with the freshness of Mint. This cup will soothe the nerves and makes one take deep breath and relax.

Best Time ~ Evening Tea

Taste ~ Mint overtone with the smooth rose hints in the green tea.

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