Breakfast Teas

With winters around the corner, the soft sun lazily streaming in and the soft blue skies, we at Anandini, knew that the mornings would be far more special than usual. So we decided to gift our palate the Breakfast Teas to pamper ourselves just a tad bit more. 


Breakfast Teas have been paired for centuries. Today we shall do exactly the same but bring in emphasis to the palate and how the symphony is created with bites of our favourite butter, homemade preserve or delicious cheese. A more robust black tea features a gentle, smoky finish, which is excellent with Camembert's earthy flavour. And this is just one recommendation. There is more with cheese but we shall invite you to a special pairing with cheese, soon.


It is only when you sip that which connects, do you connect with yourself even further. And then, life turns a beautiful amber. Warm. Happy sipping 

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Breakfast Teas - Bundle Breakfast Teas - Bundle Quick View

Breakfast Teas - Bundle

Rs. 810.00

English BreakfastA wonderful blend using Orthodox and Assam Tea. Invigorating, mellow and spicy, it is a successful blend of the main characteristi...
English Breakfast Tea Quick View

English Breakfast Tea

Rs. 150.00

A wonderful blend using Orthodox and Assam Tea. Invigorating, mellow and spicy, it is a successful blend of the main characteristics of both teas. ...
French Breakfast Tea French Breakfast Tea Quick View

French Breakfast Tea

Rs. 250.00

Perfect marriage of great and elegant black teas to produce a rounded taste of malt and chocolate. It is both powerful and refined. A beautiful ble...
Indian Breakfast Tea Indian Breakfast Tea Quick View

Indian Breakfast Tea

Rs. 250.00

Dark, black, intense. This black Tea has whiffs as well as taste of seven freshly ground spices sourced from India, which bring out the character &...
Russian Breakfast Tea Russian Breakfast Tea Quick View

Russian Breakfast Tea

Rs. 250.00

An imperial blend fit for the tsars, this rhapsody of rare black tea. Subtle melody of bergamot and notes of citrus malty make it a perfect cup. Ro...